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Trinity - July 16th, 1945

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Bibo No Aozora / 04 - Ryuichi Sakamoto / Babel (2006)

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One of a Kind

The most remarkable discovery came in June. Cristina Might received an e-mail from a German woman who was living in India with her husband and their severely disabled two-year-old son. (She asked that her name be withheld.) The woman had been looking online for information about how better to control her son’s seizures when she came upon a blog post that Cristina Might had written about Bertrand when he was two. Within weeks, the woman had sent her son’s cells to Freeze, who confirmed that the boy was, in all likelihood, an NGLY1 patient—the first person to be identified before he had even been sequenced. Freeze told me that if someone had predicted a year earlier that the Mights would identify new patients through blog posts alone, “I’d have said, ‘Ah, come on, you can’t do that.’ ”


David Daub